Bhagavan Sri Shiva Shambho born in August 15, 1956 in the City of Puebla de los Ángeles, México. During his youth he engaged in several spiritual practices, which led him to have mystical experiences that culminated with the experience of oneness with the absolute in November 1985. From then on he began to write and teach about spiritual matters.

On July 7, 1977, Shiva enrolled in a course of Tibetan yoga taught by Pedro Espinosa de los Monteros, who became his spiritual teacher.

The course, called «The Science of MentalPhysics», had been designed, and introduced in America, by Edwin Dingle. It subjected students to a regimen of breathing exercises, affirmations, and sexual energy transmutation practices.

After performing these practices for a year and a half, Shiva began experiencing various energy-related manifestations, or Kundalini syndrome, and some alterations of consciousness, which intensified over time. He described these experiences in a diary, which he published years later as part of an autobiographical book entitled Con los pies en el sendero del yoga y el misticismo (With my Feet on the Path of Yoga and Mysticism).

In 1979, Shiva began to meditate. He first used a technique to purge the mind, which requires being attentive and passively observant of the flow of thoughts, feelings and emotions that appear in one’s stream of consciousness. Doing this ultimately leads to their disappearing, leaving the mind in a clear and quiet state.

For months he struggled to remain in a state that he recognized as the one Jiddu Krishnamurti called «awareness» and which George Gurdjieff described as «self-remembering». Because of these efforts, in early 1983, Shiva permanently became what he would later describe as an «awakened man,» that is, a person who is continually «simultaneously aware of himself and of his surroundings», in contrast with the common person or «sleeping man», which according to Shiva lives in a «state of psychic sleep».

In July 1980, he had his first mystical experience, which he described as a contact with his higher self, and which was accompanied by «a powerful sense of timelessness or eternity.»

Several mystical experiences followed, which revealed to him the «fountain that remains…beyond mutation and change…outside of time and space.»

On November 11, 1985 Shiva had his first experience of oneness with the absolute, in which «the whole universe disappeared, and only the infinite and eternal Absolute remained. There was no residue of individuality to realize it».

Since 1986, Shiva has written several books, taught several courses, and spoken in conferences and retreats, to publicize the difference between the «sleeping state» and the «awakened state», and the practices that lead from one to the other. He has also described the path and practices that can lead an awakened person to have superior mystical experiences.

In the 1990s he published detailed descriptions of the world’s foremost mystical traditions, and summarized their essence in a body of work he called Mysticosofia, which shows them to be guides to help people advance through two great paths: the awakening of spiritual consciousness, and the creation of the body of light.

In 2014, Shiva founded the ashram Casa de los Cuatro Rumbos (House of the Four Directions), near the city of Atlixco. There he teaches courses and workshops, and hosts spiritual retreats. In 2017, Universidad Casa de los Cuatro Rumbos was born, which will initially be an online resource of spiritual knowledge. And in 2019, SHIVA SHAMBHO International Association appears, to also spread spiritual knowledge in English.

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